Tuesday, March 21, 2023

New Tourism initiative prepares to take to the streets of Prince Rupert

Something new for the Prince Rupert Tourism experience is about
to take to the streets of the city.

Come the Spring and Summer tourism season, Prince Rupert residents and motorists in particular will be finding a new transportation service in place, designed to enhance the tourism experience for visitors to the region.

That with upcoming debut for what will be some eye catching transportation  by way of trolleys taking to the city's streets to showcase some of what Prince Rupert has to offer.

The Olde Time Trolley Company has started advertising for staffers for their fleet of trolley buses planned to be in use for the season ahead. Posting the job opportunities to their Social Media page this week.

The unique looking vehicles will make for a significant step up from some of the previous options over the years, which at times included repurposed school buses, the new venture coming as both the Cruise season and the regular tourism season look to have larger volumes of visitors coming of the times of COVID.

There's not much to share just yet as far as a timeline for service, or what the range of the trolley bus project will be and where they plan to take visitors.  

All of which we imagine will come as we get closer to the launch of the 2023 visitor year.

You can follow the tourism season ahead through our archive pages.


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  1. Great to see something different in Prince Rupert. Good time to start cleaning up our poor little city.