Monday, March 27, 2023

BC Legislature returns to business today ... time will tell if Prince Rupert's 65 Million in funding becomes a theme for discussion in the Chamber

Premier David Eby on March 17th announcing 65 million
dollars in funding for Prince Rupert's waterline infrastructure
issues. A financial distribution that is starting to gain some
notice in other parts of the province
(Photo from BC Gov't)

The British Columbia Legislature returned to business today, the two week Spring Break at an end, the elected MLA's will take to their chairs and assigned speaking times to re-engage over any number of pressing issues facing the province these days.

Among the potential discussion topics that are likely ahead the need for infrastructure assistance for communities around BC. 

And the last two weeks have certainly delivered a conversation starter for MLA's from across the province, that after Premier Eby's St. Patrick's Day announcement of 65 Million dollars of funding for Prince Rupert's waterline challenges.

A promise of assistance that was as might be expected, well received by Prince Rupert officials.

Council offers much in way of gratitude for Province's 65 million dollar waterline funding; warn of race of other challenges still to take on
Photos and statements the focus following Province's 65 Million dollar infrastructure funding announcement for Prince Rupert 
City of Prince Rupert to receive 65 million dollars towards aging water distribution system

Prince Ruperts woes made for a cause that was as noted on the 17th, one that was advocated well by North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice; an MLA who many soon hear her name mentioned a few times in both the Chamber and the  corridors at the Legislature.

Prince Rupert's windfall of financial assistance has not gone un-noticed in other locales, and in one instance at least, though we imagine we'll discover more soon, constituents in other communities are going ... 

Hey Dave, where's our cash?

One contribution to that theme comes from a letter to the editor of the Coast Reporter on the Sunshine Coast,  which pretty well lays out the template we imagine for others to come from the Kootenays to Vancouver Island and on through the Okangan, Thompson, Cariboo and into the Peace Country.

The opening line one which expresses 'shock' at the fortuitous moment for Prince Rupert, while a call for local MLA's on the Sunshine Coast to get on to their work in accessing similar amounts for the local issues of the region.

Mr. Eby was quite generous with his funding for Prince Rupert this month, now it seems that with Pandora's box having been opened,  there will be a few across BC looking to see if he's got any more in the vault for them.

You can follow the work of Ms. Rice and the rest of the Northwest contingent at the Legislature through our Archive page.


  1. Expect some loud voices out of the Powell River-Sunshine Coast riding.

    The Powell River-Sunshine Coast riding has been NDP since 2005. Their NDP MLA will be asked why Prince Rupert received funding and not them.

    1. You did read the article right? Cause that's actually part of the story ... NCR

    2. Hahahah that’s literally the central foundation of the article .

      Sorry on behalf of your viewership numbers NCR that they clearly cannot accurately reflect the quality of all your readers

  2. Quite the endorsement of MLA Jen Rice !