Sunday, March 26, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending March 26, 2023

Tourism themes and the start of the City of Prince Rupert's Budget process dominated the views by our readership for the  last seven days.

The story which attracted the largest amount of attention was our look at a new transportation service for the upcoming  tourism season, with the Olde Time Trolley Company looking for staffers for 2023.

The prospect of a 17.5 percent property tax increase will make for the discussion theme for the next month or so, with the City of Prince Rupert's Chief Financial Officer delivering her Budget presentation and the double digit taxation recommendation. 

Some labour clouds are forming over the waterfront, with the ILWU and BCMEA at a point of dispute in their negotiations that has the prospect of a Federal conciliator for the talks possibly on the horizon.

We looked back a year ago at some excited times at City Hall and the announcement of some significant land being freed up for sale to spur on development of housing, the process so far one which seems slow towards the development theme.

And an item from Monday's Council Session also made for a much read entry, with a strong readership for our look at Councillor Cunningham's concerns over where Prince Rupert may be placed on the Hospital replacement listings with Northern Health.

From the weeks review the most read of our items was that which looked at the upcoming launch for a new tourism asset for the community. 
New Tourism initiative prepares to take to the streets of Prince Rupert -- Considering the large volume of readers that our story attracted, if each of them were to take a ride on the trolley, the launch of a unique tourism idea should go very well this Spring.     (posted March  21, 2023

That article was followed by: 

CFO Bomben's first financial draft flags 15.7 percent tax hike for Prince Rupert ratepayers for 2023    -- This week brought the start of the 2023 Budget process, with our notes following the Presentation by CFO Corinne Bomben finding a strong audience. Those notes and a number of follow up stories all were well received, you can explore all of our Budget notes here.   (posted  March 23, 2023

Lack of 'meaningful discussions' takes British Columbia Port Negotiations to a request for a Federal conciliation officer -- Contract talks for the province's longshore work force on the waterfront have hit a bit of a snag, with the ILWU issuing a notice of dispute that puts talks on a 60 day clock, with the union seeking a federal conciliator to come into the talks.      (posted  March 21 , 2023

Lot's of land available; but few sales so far ... that we know of --  What was a major announcement one year ago towards addressing some of the city's housing challenges celebrated an anniversary this week. Our notes on to how it appears to have gone so far found a good audience.  (posted March 23 , 2023

City Council offers support for Smithers hospital plans, but concerns raised over progress for a new Hospital for Prince Rupert  -- The discussion towards whether the City of Prince Rupert would offer a letter of support for Smithers work in seeking a new hospital turned into a review of local health themes. With Councillor Cunningham raising concerns over how Northern Health is working on prospects for a new Hospital in Prince Rupert  (posted March 22, 2023

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