Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Prince Rupert's Muskeg Press seeks contributors for Coronavirus Times Story project

So, while you've been isolating yourself at home these last few weeks, you have now exhausted much of your To Watch list on Netflix,  and you're not really keen on watching the replay of the 1994 Stanley Cup finals again, mainly because you remember how it all turned out on the ice and in the near looting of Vancouver that followed.

Beyond the television options,  you have now worked through your stack of books to get to and you've become very, very weary of the increasingly anxious themes from your those you follow on Facebook, who all seem to be off on their own missions of late to alarm everyone these days ...

What to do, what to do, what to do ...

Well, perhaps just pour yourself your favourite beverage hot, or cold and take to your computer to compose the next great Prince Rupert novel.

Muskeg Press, the Prince Rupert based publishing house has issued a call for submissions, seeking your works of words in these times of COVID.

Noting how previous times of turmoil have spawned some of the great works of literature and not necessarily compositions of the virus itself, but of the human condition to carry on and the ability of us all to cope through some challenging times.

In the introduction to their project, Muskeg Press offers up some guidance as to what may make for a successful entry to their upcoming anthology of our times.

We are putting out a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for any author out there who would like to spend this time in self-isolation to write a story for a forthcoming publication of Muskeg Press. 

We'll select 10 stories from all the submissions, and publish them in a book around Christmastime of 2020. If your story is chosen for the book, we'll pay you $350.

Please note that our preference is to receive stories that have nothing to do with this strain of the coronavirus. 

Instead of a personal history of how you dealt with being isolated from your community, we would prefer stories of a more distracting nature, similar to those 10 storytellers in The Decameron.

So, if inclined to put fingers to keys and search the deepest points of your imagination,  make sure that you have a good rhyming dictionary handy online; as well as a thesaurus and the old reliable Oxford or Websters and get at it.

There's no better way to pass the time of self isolation that to provide for a little self introspection.

Learn more about the Muskeg Press project here.

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  1. Hi, I have a short story but I'm not sure how long you want these stories.

  2. Hi there, I am not collecting the stories, that's Muskeg Press, if you click on the second last line of the story above, there is some further information as to how to participate in their project.

    Good Luck, hope to see your story in print one day