Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ridley Terminals faces lawsuit and user backlash

Suncor Energy is taking Ridley Terminals to court over material handling issues, in particular the terms of a letter from Ridley Terminals that outlines the need of the Terminal to use an anti freeze agent on petroleum coke delivered to the Terminal.

Without the anti-freeze agent, Ridley advised Suncor  that it would not accept any more shipments from Suncor, leading to the current lawsuit.

The  anti freeze controversy has provided for a number of stories from the Northern View on the issue,  you can follow the drama from the links below.

Northern View-- Ridley Terminals taken to court by Suncor Energy
Northern View-- Ridley Terminals chair discusses Suncor court case

Ridley's current public image also takes a bit of a bashing on the pages of Opinion 250, as Peter Ewart provides for a lengthy article questioning who Ridley Terminals really serves and offering some thoughts on the make up of the management of Ridley Terminals and their past ties to American industry.

Beyond that bit of company history, he provides his questions as to whether Ridley Terminals, a Crown Corporation is truly in place to serve Canadian interests.

You can read that review here.

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