Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold snap settles in on North coast

Good for tobogganing, not so much for driving, household and commercial pipes and your heating bills.

A January cold snap took hold of the North coast and points inland this week, bringing temperatures down to the -20 regions, with daytime highs on a few occasions of no more than -14.

A dump of snow over the weekend previous gave locals a chance to recapture their shovelling skills and re-learn some winter driving skills that were challenged by road conditions that at times had the RCMP closing down a portion of McBride on Friday owing to the combination of snow and slick road conditions.

As the week moved forward the now gave way to very cold temperatures, which left plumbers around town quite busy and no doubt counting the cash in a rapid fashion.

The Arctic outflows began to ebb away by Thursday, with more normal temperature ranges anticipated by Monday morning.

Some reviews of the cold temperatures can be found below

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