Friday, January 20, 2012

A shot across the tracks for VIA's Skeena?

While VIA Rail has plans to improve service on its Windsor to Quebec City corridor, those service improvements may mean that the rest of the country sees service reductions or even out right elimination of VIA Rail runs.

That according to a Bloomberg report posted to their website yesterday.

The report suggests that part of VIA Rail may be sold off as the government looks to cut down the cost of running the money losing passenger rail company. Among the considerations for future service is a significant reduction in service and/or the privatization of the network.

Among some of the items from the briefing note that Bloomberg accessed, one particular discussion point will be of interest to those that have travelled on the Skeena run between Jasper and Prince Rupert.

“Potential service level reductions could include: reduced frequencies on the western and eastern transcontinental service; reduced frequencies to certain remote areas; and, removing regional services in rural areas that are well served by other public modes and highways,” staff say in the note.

VIA has not expanded much on the plan as reported by Bloomberg, but one doesn't have to grab a map of Canada to figure out that the Skeena Run could be one of the lines to suffer some kind of cutback, service reduction or out right elimination.

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