Friday, March 23, 2012

Tsunami flotsam approaches BC coast

The wreckage that stemmed from last year's massive earthquake and tsunami  in Japan is finally making its way to our side of the Pacific Ocean.

The Department of Fisheries reports that one of its surveillance planes has spotted the wreck of a Japanese fishing boat currently due south of the Islands of Haida Gwaii.

The last plot mark on a map puts the 150 foot ship 120 nautical miles south of Cape Saint James.

To that end, the Canadian Coast Guard has issued  a notice to all vessels that the vessel is an obstruction to navigation.

It's the largest piece of flotsam from the Japanese tsunami that has made it to British Columbia waters to this point, though certainly it won't be the last, it's anticipated that more reports will be arriving from Alaska to Washington State as the currents steer the floating debris fields to North America.

CBC-- Tsunami linked fishing boat adrift off B. C.
Vancouver Sun-- Japanese ghost ship lost in tsunami found off B. C. coast
Globe and Mail-- Japanese fishing boat tied to earthquake and tsunami spotted off B. C. coast

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