Thursday, March 29, 2012

No collusion, just Price confusion

Wednesday night provided for a variety of pricing options for gasoline at the gas stations of Prince Rupert.

Not so much as a price war  as to perhaps a sense of confusion from the various stations in the city.

The price at the pump ranged from 1.39 at the Hays Cove Petro Canada to 1.25 at Chevron, in the mid range were 7-11 at 1.29 and Husky a 1.32, we neglected to check out the Petro Canada at the Industrial Park, fearful in this new era of spiking gas prices of using too much of the black gold from the pumps to get there and back.

Still, it leaves us in wonderment every time a price spike appears in Prince Rupert, where drivers rather than price shopping stick to their traditional patterns, pulling in to the pump at the higher priced locales to fill up.

The pricing roulette wheel no doubt will continue to spin on in the foreseeable future if this cautionary warning is any indication, if so and providing the local stations continue on with their incremental approach to posting the rising prices, shopping around might help take the bite out of the overall bill of a fill up.

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