Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moneysense review places Rupert near bottom once again

The Mayor, who doesn't appear fond of cold statistical reviews with bad news of his city, will not be a happy man with the latest listings on the annual Moneysense review of cities, Prince Rupert while not bottoming out in the survey is still within view of the lower reaches of the survey.

With a placement of 179th out of 190 cities surveyed, Prince Rupert is one of five British Columbia cities to trend at the bottom eleven of the rankings, Squamish (182), Campbell River (184), Port Alberni (186) and Williams Lake (189) all didn't pass the Moneysense test for 2012.

The results are kind of a half glass full, half empty scenario for local boosters, while not trolling the bottom of the annual listings this year, there were more communities included in the annual rankings, so it may not be that conditions are getting better, just that there may be a few other towns are in worse shape at the moment, at least in in the opinion of the Moneysense tabulators.

Prince Rupert's more negative reviews included job prospects where the city ranked second last in employment options, with only Bay Roberts Newfoundland keeping the city from the last spot on the list.

We also fared poorly in the safety category, with the third highest ranking of crime of ranked at 186 of the 190 listed cities,  only Williams Lake and Yellowknife (187), Thompson MB (189) and North Battleford SK (190) had more crime reported than us.

The full rankings and background information can be found on the Moneysense website.

The compilation was the topic of a few local reviews over the last little while, some of which can be found below.

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