Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pay days are more rewarding in Prince Rupert

The Northern View has offered some talking points for local residents, offering up a review and comparison of compensation of civic workers between Prince Rupert and Terrace, always an entertaining bit of number crunching.

The story from Shaun Thomas examines the payroll numbers for both Prince Rupert and Terrace and reports that Prince Rupert's civic workforce is larger and better compensated than those who toil for the neighbours to the east.

45 employees of the City of Prince Rupert make more than 75,000 dollars a year, compared to only 17 in Terrace with the same payday. The Northern View explained that this means that of employees making more than 75,000 dollars the payroll is more than double that of Terrace, with Rupert's taxpayers providing for 4.18 million dollars while Terrace's taxpayers burden is significantly lower at 1.62.

The article will no doubt stir up some discussion as to what services a city should provide to its citizens and whether a city the size of Prince Rupert can afford to continue to provide those services or if other options need be explored.

Back in April, Rupertites shared their thoughts on the growing tax burden they face, the growing payroll expenditures compared to those of other communities will no doubt rekindle some of that concern.

The Northern View article comes in the wake of some other studies province wide which explore the same theme of municipal remuneration and how smaller communities are incurring ever growing payrolls with a dwindling or stalled tax base.

Michael Smyth of the Vancouver Province explores the issue and the growing backlash elsewhere to the cost of municipal governance.

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