Monday, July 30, 2012

The Shangri-La of the North Coast

It's an island where film producers, novelists, oil barons and such mix together, a shared communion with nature that involves a little fishing, some nature touring and amazing cuisine to name a few of the available options and all for but a 4,900 dollar fee for a three night stay.

It's another season for the King Pacific Lodge on Princess Royal Island and the review from the Globe and Mail makes for the kind of thing that perhaps Robin Leach would have showcased on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

The Special feature provided to the Globe and Mail by Alexandra Gill provides a fascinating look into how those with the disposable income spend their idle time and they're doing it on the door step to Prince Rupert, perhaps passing through the city on their way to what seems to be the ultimate of escapes.

In the midst of the travelogue, there's a bit of a cautionary tale over the environmental risks of development of oil,gas and pipelines and all of that. Perhaps a topic that comes up around the dinner table before the main course or on the deck afterwards when all retire for a fine cigar...

It would be an interesting transcript we imagine from those sessions, considering the investment that the  visitors have made into their three days of nature.

For Rupertites, the feature provides a glimpse into the mechanics of the resort, a place that many here know of, but we're pretty safe in suspecting few have ever really visited.

You can review the article from the Globe and Mail website from this link.

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