Thursday, January 27, 2011

Avalanche concerns close Highway 16

Prince Rupert found itself cut from all points east on Wednesday as Highway 16 was closed to traffic owing to avalanche concerns between Rainbow Summit and just past the Shames Mountain access road.

The road was closed in morning hours of Wednesday, after heavy rains in the region made the snow pack unstable raising fears of  avalanches in the region,  Ministry of Transportation officials inspected the ares of concern by helicopter and conducted pre-emptive measures to make the travel area safe.

A number of reports throughout the day highlighted the situation.

The Northern View-- Highway between Terrace and Prince Rupert open again
CFTK TV 7-- Northwest weather woes
CFTK TV 7-- Highway 16 reopened, Now Highway 37A Closed
CTTK TV 7-- Highway 16 closed between Prince Rupert and Terrace
CTTK TV 7-- Avalanche Hazard Extreme for Northwest Backcountry
Terrace Standard-- Highway to Rupert closed
Terrace Standard-- Helicopter-borne techs to probe avalanches
Terrace Standard-- Highway 16 to Rupert open again

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