Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A shout out to Prince Rupert from the pages of the Vancouver Sun

"For more than a century we have known that the Port of Prince Rupert has more laden potential and is closer to the vast markets of the Asia Pacific than other ports on the west coast of North America. The three-year old Fairview Container Port at Prince Rupert is an overwhelming success. Our break-bulk terminals there are near capacity. And Prince George is growing as a multi-modal hub with recent dramatic increases in dimensional lumber, pulp, and coal exports to China.

Fellow British Columbians, the time to make strategic investments in the Northern Pacific Gateway Corridor is now. We must move forward with the next phase of the Container Port at Prince Rupert. We must add break bulk capacity there as well."

Some of the key talking points from Tim McEwan, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Initiatives Prince George Development Corporation, who outlined his vision as to what a Premier needs to consider when it comes to Northern development in British Columbia.

The full review can be found at the Vancouver Sun.

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