Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CHTK to shift to FM dial, shutting out competing bid for frequency.

CHTK will soon migrate to the FM band, leaving behind its AM radio roots and in the process shutting out some radio competition in the city.

The CRTC approved the Astral Media frequency flip request today, a decision that would seem to effectively bring to an end a competing bid by Barry Wall to launch another radio station in the city.

In a story posted to the Wire Report website, Astral's application includes the continuation of 50 hours of local programming, though local listeners may wonder what Astral considers to be "local".

It would seem that a good portion of the actual local programming of that 50 hours, certainly doesn't appear to be live and perhaps may not even be completely based in Prince Rupert.

The Northern View was the first of the local media outlets to report on the CRTC decision.

Broadcaster magazine had further information on the CRTC's ruling, while TV 7 provided the Astral Media corporate point of view with this story.

The Northern View followed up its original story on the radio station licence decision with this article featuring the thoughts of the unsuccessful applicant.

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