Monday, January 17, 2011

Dan Veniez stirs the pot on Ridley Terminals

He's back, Dan Veniez the one time Industrial baron for Prince Rupert, has taken to offering political commentary over the last few years, seeking forum after forum to offer up his thoughts on the issues of concern to him.

From op ed pieces for the Vancouver Sun, to appearances on the Bill Good radio program on CKNW and now it seems as a contributor to a Vancouver on line project called the Vancouver Observer.

Something that seemingly is helping him pass the time until the next federal election and an anticipated run for office in the Lower Mainland for the Liberals.

Mr. Veniez took to the internet portal this week with a review of his opposition to the planned privatization of Ridley Terminals, his one time employer.

You can read up on his concerns and his interpretation of what's going on with the North coast's industrial sector here, though local observers of Mr. Veniez will find much familiar in the bombastic nature of his commentary it's perhaps a new sound for the readers of the VO.

A check of his history of commentary for the online review finds a rather heavy fascination with the government of Stephen Harper, check the listings here and you start to see the making of his potential platform for whenever the next election comes around.

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