Sunday, January 30, 2011

NDP Leadership candidate set to arrive in the city

The first of the NDP candidates for that party's leadership will make a visit to Prince Rupert on February 1st, Mike Farnworth will be in the city for three hours to meet local party members and outline his policies should he become the party's selection to replace Carole James.

No details of his planned trip to Rupert were outlined as of yet, a strange strategy if he's to meet would be delegates for the leadership vote, though some background on his campaign can be found on his website as well as this background piece in the Northern View.

Update: February 1

The reviews of the Farnworth trip are in, with stories from CFTK TV 7 News which had this video report on his visit, as well as this item on their website.  The Northern View expanded on the Farnworth visit by outlining the stops from a variety of candidates who came to the Northwest this week.

The Terrace Standard provided this review of the Farnworth stop in Terrace.

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