Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Council offers rebuke to changes to fish industry export rules

While Councillor Gordon-Payne recommended that city council shouldn't weigh in on issues that it had not fully researched, the majority of council found no cause to delay their expression of concern over recent changes to fishing industry related export changes.

The recent decision to lift conditions on the export of herring roe, could see that product exported overseas without the need of processing in local fish plants, a move which could reduce the number of jobs made available to local fish plant workers, a group that already finds it harder and harder to find the hours to qualify for EI benefits during their down time period.

At the end of council's discussion of the issue on January 24, they voted to send a letter of their concern on the issue to the Director General of Trade Controls and Technical Barriers Bureau.

CFTK had this item posted to its website on the issue, as well as this report on the story from reporter Sahar Nassimdoost.

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