Friday, January 28, 2011

Ridley Expansion becoming a key aspect of the Northern Gateway

With Ridley Terminals recent announcement of a contract with an American coal company, the hoplans for expansion of the coal terminal are getting another look over.

Northeast coal companies in BC and those in Alberta's northwest have expressed their concerns over the US contract, fearful that it will make access to the Ridely terminal harder to come by, creating bottlenecks in their delivery schedules.

With all of that percolating the quest to expand services at the terminal is starting to gain momentum, some of the background on the proposed plans can be found below.

CFTK TV 7-- Cullen feels Tories Support Ridley Expansion
CFTK TV 7-- Ridley needs to Expand to Accomodate BC Coal Industry
CFTK TV 7 (video)-- Ridley Expansion
The Northern View-- Ridley Terminals chair says expansion plans a huge win for Northern BC
The Northern View-- Ridley Terminals signs multi year agreement, looking to double capacity
Tumbler Ridge News-- Accelerated expansion plan proposed for Ridley Terminals

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