Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Layoffs loom for NWCC

Facing a budget deficit of up to two million dollars, the region's community college has begun the process of determining where to cut costs and save money, taking suggestions from college employees, students and the community, while at the same time seemingly contemplating a plan to embark on a round of layoffs that could affect all campus locations across the Northwest.

The internal discussion on how best to address the budget deficit and  achieve the provincially mandated balanced budget began in January, when word of the need to address the college finances was first released.

From there the college opened up a suggestion box of sorts online, accepting ideas on how the college could achieve its financial goals, a process which brought a wide variety of thoughts, some practical others probably a little out there.

Regardless, as those suggestions were still arriving, the college began the process of what will be layoffs across the Northwest.

While little has been heard in Prince Rupert from the media on the pending layoffs, the story has become one of the top trending ones elsewhere, with the bulk of the reporting on the looming layoffs and cost cutting projects  coming out of the Terrace area, with both the Terrace Standard and CFTK TV providing much in the way of background on the issue.

Some of their findings, as well as other items from other media outlets in the Northwest can be found below.

Terrace Standard-- MLA questions college cuts
Terrace Standard-- College plans to axe more than 30 jobs
Terrace Standard-- College determines laayoff numbers
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Terrace Standard-- Students rallying against cuts at the college
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Terrace Standard-- Union, students want gov't to protect college
Terrace Standard-- College layoffs on the horizon
Terrace Standard-- College deficit could now be $2 million
Terrace Standard-- College faces budget crunch

CFTK-- Emotions Run High at NWCC Education Council Meeting
CFTK-- College Cuts Meeting (February 10) (video)
CFTK-- NWCC Says 31.5 Positions need to be Cut to Balance Budget
CFTK-- College Cuts (February 9) (video)
CFTK-- NWCC Students Rally Against tuition hikes
CFTK-- NWCC Student Rally (video)
CFTK-- College Students to Rally Today
CFTK-- NWCC President Warns of Tough Decisions Ahead
CFTK-- NWCC Layoffs (January 27) (video)
CFTK-- Union Leader Visits Terrace to Discuss NWCC Budget Crisis

The Northern View-- Prince Rupert's NWCC campus to host student rally
CBC Radio Daybreak North-- Northern Colleges struggle with budgets
Opinion 250-- More than 30 jobs on the cutting block at NWCC
Opinion 2500- Job cuts looming at NWCC

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