Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A town by any other name should smell so sweet...

According to a professor at the University of the Fraser Valley, confusion between the two Princes, George and Rupert is seemingly holding the former back from its destiny.

Simon Gibson an Business Instructor a the U of FV sent an email to the Mayor of Prince George as well as a number of councillors of that city, outlining how their city should seriously consider changing its name, re-branding the place if you will.

To help get any prospective PG think tank in motion, Gibson offered up the less than inspiring options of Capital North, City of the North, and City of Northern Empire.

All interesting choices, but really not featuring much pizazz, nor imagination.

As it is, the suggestion probably won't be high on the agenda for Prince George City council, which has any number of issues to deal with these days.

A name change is more than likely something that won't see much traction, beyond the history of the city and the attachment that residents of the city may have to their name, the cost alone of changing over the name to something new probably won't resonate very well with tax payers.

Still, in the grip of a Prince George winter, a little wishful thinking probably can't hurt, maybe they can grab Honolulu, it may even bring in some additional tourist traffic.

Though we suspect they would be a little annoyed if they arrived anywhere between November and March...

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