Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big lotto win for the Bulkley Valley

Somewhere in the Bulkley Valley there is a very happy person, couple, family or group of people, winners of Friday's Lotto max jackpot of 16 million dollars plus.

The February 3rd draw of the weekly Lotto Max lottery had a potential jackpot of 50 million dollars.

The Bulkley Valley winners were one of three lucky winners on the night, the remaining two thirds of the three way split were residents of Quebec.

No details on which community in the Bulkley Valley-Stikine region is home to Canada's newest multi millionaires, but we imagine word will eventually make its way up and down the Highway 16 corridor.

Update: February 8 2012-- The winner of Friday's massive Lotto Max jackpot has come forward with Steve Martin claiming his prize at the BCLC headquarters in Richmond, as things turned out he lived a little further north of the Bulkley Valley,  Martin is a resident, maybe a former resident by now of Atlin in B. C.'s far Northwet corner.

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