Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A ticking clock for a major temblor

The National Post provides the helpful reminder to West Coast residents that they are on the clock for the "Big One", the long predicted major force earthquake that will test many of the resources of communities up and down the West Coast.

The watch box if you will, appears to run from Vancouver to Northern California, with the potential for an earth movement similar to that which struck Japan in 2011.

Needless to say, such an event of that kind of magnitude would provide for much in the way of destruction and mayhem in those communities, a timely reminder to have in place emergency response plans, both personal and community based ones.

Based on two separate geological studies, the consensus is that the risk is significantly greater than previously anticipated.

A previous study (one of many on the topic) published in 2010 by the Geographical Society of America suggests that the southern portion of the Cascadia region that being California and Oregon was most likely at more risk than the northern reaches, however the threat of tsunami would impact all communities along the Pacific coast.

National Post-- "The clock is ticking": Megathrust' West coast earthquake could resemble Japan's, studies say.

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