Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prince Rupert City Council cancels August session

Vacation All I ever wanted,
Vacation Had to get away,
Vacation Meant to be spent alone

Vacation -- Go Go's,  1982

We're not sure if there's any water skiing on the agenda, but like Belinda and the gals back in 1982, this current collection of elected officials are getting away from it all for August.

 This week Prince Rupert City Hall served notice that the scheduled August 20th session of council has been cancelled, with our elected officials next set to gather in council chambers on September 4th.

The move to cancel the already light August schedule completely (one scheduled council session in August) was examined in the Northern View, which discovered that with seemingly little to put on the agenda and anticipated absences from council members, it was felt that the planned session for the month would best be abandoned.

In the article the City suggests that the session will be rescheduled for September, though one wonders if that means that it will just be meshed in with the regularly scheduled September 4th session or if we'll have three sessions in September, as opposed to the regularly scheduled two.

The move comes as Prince Rupert taxpayers begin to voice concerns about full value for all that tax money collected by the city, so the decision to skip the meeting completely may make for a new wave of letters to the editor to the local paper, much along the lines of this one, or perhaps this one.

Especially when in comparison to the neighbours up the road in Terrace, Kitimat and Smithers,  all city councils which feature not one, but two council sessions in both July and August, apparently they are able to find enough work to do around the council chambers in those locales to gather in summer session.

For those looking to review councils deliberations beyond the missing month of work for August, the full review of council's 2012 body of work can be found here.

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