Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alaska moves forward with AMHS Terminal rebuild plans in Prince Rupert

The Alaska Marine Highway terminus in Prince Rupert could very well have a new look in the near future.

According to KRBD radio in Ketchikan, Marine Highway System officials are currently in negotiation with with both the Port of Prince Rupert and Canadian National Railway, seeking a 50 year lease to allow the system to better improve its facilities at the southern end of its state wide ferry system.

In the immediate future is replacement work on the dock and marine structures of the terminal and further along perhaps an improvement to the terminal building itself. The Alaska Ferry Terminal dock has been in need of major renovations for a number of years and has had to be repaired on an emergency basis more than a few times.

AMHS was recently authorized 9 million dollars in  further spending on the proposed project and they plan on seeking US federal funding as they move closer towards the reconstruction plans.

With the security of a long term lease and the prospect of cost recovery, the momentum to move forward is getting closer as far as the Alaskans are concerned.

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