Friday, August 10, 2012

Smart Meter concerns continue to pop up for BC Hydro

BC Hydro perhaps thought that the firestorm of controversy had passed over the introduction of the "smart meter" program, the installation process having continued on from the spring into the summer with little in the way of public blow back since those early first days.

Then an actual fire, seems to have raised an alarm for some that perhaps the issue of the Smart Meters needs to be looked at once again, something that BC Hydro seems to be working quickly to knock down.

The provincial electric utility has been quick to respond to the latest discussion on their new technology. That after fires in Mission and Coquitlam traced back to the base of a newly installed Smart Meter bringing the program back to the top of the news cycle in the province.

BC Hydro is reminding its customers that homeowners must share responsibility for electrical safety after the two recent fires, advising that the condition of those sockets is the responsibility of the homeowner, but if any problems are found by installation crews BC Hydro will contact the homeowner and offer to bring in a qualified electrician to solve the problem at Hydro's expense.

The utility also advises that the actual smart meter installation program provides little risk to the electrical system of a home and in fact provide improved surge protection over the old meters.

Still, for a program that has been a flash point for the utility this year, the high profile fires and the fall out from them, once again puts the Smart Meter program back on the minds of homeowners.

BC Hydro Smart Meter information portal, FAQ page

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