Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mother Nature wakes the neighbours

From Haida Gwaii to the Interior, Mother Nature offered up a bit of light, a bit of noise and a bit of shaking on a Tuesday evening.

The night of reminders started on Haida Gwaii with a 4.2 magnitude earthquake west of the Islands, a temblor that was felt across Haida Gwaii, rattling the neighbours but causing little damage.

Another warning for the North coast that we live on fault lines and from time to time things tend to move.

The night got interesting east of Prince Rupert as well, a noisy thunder storm rolled through the Terrace area and moved east, rattling windows and knocking out power, with Prince Rupert suffering a power outage around 2 in the morning.

That storm was perhaps a far edge of the string of severe storms that rolled across southern British Columbia on Tuesday night, lighting up the sky from Victoria to Hope with one of the most impressive of light shows seen in that area in many years.

Wednesday saw the storm systems move east, into the Interior both north and south, with Prince George reporting a few power outages over the last day or so in the wake of the systems passing.


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