Thursday, August 16, 2012

Port Edward school plans for 2012-13 announced

School District 52 is closing the Port Edward School on August 31st and then, school will reopen in the same location in September, under a lease back provision with the District of Port Edward.

The paperwork and agreement from it will provide for a community school in Port Ed for the 2012-13 school year, leading up to the completion of a new school building in that community, which would seemingly provide for a guarantee of education there until at least August of 2032.

Port Edward has been looking for creative ways to ensure that there was a form of local education in the community at the elementary level, a key aspect of growth for the community and a plan that would not require students to be transported to Prince Rupert schools for the elementary years.

In order for Port Edward to have a school in place for this September, the School District will be using the existing building on the sub lease provision, with Port Edward responsible for any major maintenance requirements that may arise in the interim period.

The plan to close the school and the terms of the sub lease were up for discussion at a School District meeting held on Thursday.

The Northern View provides some background on the recent developments here, a review of the construction project can be found here.

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