Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitimat dreams the big dreams

The project may never actually come to conclusion, but for the month of August and for what we imagine will be the fall, all the talk of Northwest infrastructure development seems destined to be focused on Kitimat and Canadian press baron David Black's plans to develop an oil refinery at the end of Douglas Channel.

The announcement on August 16 of a multi billion dollar development provides for a change in the discussion on pipelines and development on the north coast, a plan which would clearly turn Kitimat into the industrial hub of the region.

Under the working title of Kitimat Clean Ltd. Black outlined the plan for the proposed Oil refinery, providing a website that offered some background and details on the project.

Black, who seemingly knows how to create a headline or two, has offered up the prospect of the oil refinery as one way to address the Northern Gateway pipeline debate and answer those that suggest that Canada should refined it's own oil for shipment, rather than sending the raw goods overseas.

Within a day of the announcement those that had issues with Black's proposal came forward to begin the opposition to the plan, leaving Kitimat with but 24 hours of dreaming the big dream of industrial development.

In British Columbia, the path to large scale projects such as pipelines, industrial plants and refineries is one that is a winding road of discussion, reviews and in some cases protests, one imagines that too will be the fate of the Black proposal.

The key aspect of the opposition seems to be the prospect of oil tankers plying Douglas Channel, whether they be carrying refined oil or bitumen from the Alberta Oil Sands.

How the proposal by Black may change that perspective and those talking points remains to be seen, however, his project, added on to the Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat expansion, LNG terminal plans and Port of Kitimat expansion thoughts,  has certainly added to the talking points of industrial development in Northwestern British Columbia, with Kitimat jumping to the centre it seems of all the major development plans of the moment.

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