Friday, August 1, 2014

Airport Ferry and Recreation facility usage and revenues up; Watson revenues down in June Financial report

As part of Monday's Regular Council session, Ms. Corinne Bomben, the City's Financial Officer provided a review of the financial picture as recorded in June.

From her notes, she highlighted a number of positive trends to report.

With usage of the Airport and Airport Ferry increasing and with it providing for a positive impact on the revenue stream from the Airport Ferry, with an increase in revenue of 40,000 dollars owing to the improving passenger numbers.

As well, compared to numbers from 2013, she advised that use of Recreation Facilities at the Civic Centre and Earl Mah Aquatic Centre have increased, providing an additional 40,000 dollars in revenue from the facilities.

However, she did advise as to the ongoing nature of declining revenues from the 9-1-1 service, as more residents migrate away from land based lines to mobile devices, a situation that is one of concern for many communities across the province.

On the topic of Watson Island, her report to Council provided details on the decrease of revenues by some 475,000 dollars at the site in the wake of the expiration of the exclusivity agreement with WATCO.

She outlined that the city continues to work towards finding a way to offset those decreases through it's current efforts related to the industrial site.

For those looking for progress on capital projects in 2014, she had positive news, with all capital purchases and work projects for the summer of 2014 currently underway.

You can review her presentation to council from the City's Video Archive, her overview of the June report can be found at the 1 hour 20 minute mark, it runs approximately three minutes.

For more items of interest on developments at City Council see our Archive page.

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