Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Curling Club applies for New Primary Liquor Licence

The Prince Rupert Curling Club is looking to continue to offer more than rocks on ice when curling season opens up later this fall.  As the long running fixture on the east side of the city seeks out a new liquor primary licence from the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch.

An application for the licence was recently submitted to the government organization and as part of the process, the call for comments has been issue by the Licensing Branch.

Proposed hours of operation for the licence application would be from 11:30 AM to 2:00 AM, Monday through Sunday, with capacity at the Seal Cove location limited to 652 persons.

Comments on the application are being accepted from those who are residents or business operators and located within half a mile radius of the Seal Cove club.

Those who wish to comment and who fall into those categories can contact the Liquor Branch in writing outlining their views on the theme.

A full correspondence is required however, as Petitions and Form Letters will not be considered as part of the process.

Comments may be be made available to the applicant or local government officials, where disclosure is necessary to administer the licensing process.

You can direct your correspondence by mail at:

The General Manager
c/0 Senior Licensing Analyst
Liquor Control and Licensing Branch
PO Box 9292
Victoria, BC V8W 9J8

Or you can make your comments known by email at:


The Deadline for commentary and correspondence is September 1st.

Background on the process of a Liquor Primary Licence and the particulars to that form of licensing can be found from this item from the Ministry of Justice.

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