Friday, August 1, 2014

Council hears of Landfill expansion requirements

With the first two phases of the City's Ridley Island Access road landfill site now ready to be closed, Council heard an overview from the Engineering department regarding the need for expansion and how the City should approach its solid waste requirements in the future.

The City's Engineering coordinator provided the background on the current situation and the Engineering department's request for 1.5 million dollars from the Gas Tax Fund towards immediate landfill development concerns.

Richard Pucci delivered a snapshot of the short term solution to the current situation and offered up a more comprehensive review of the planned Phase three expansion of the landfill site.

He provided the timeline of the progressive closures of Phases one and two and the development of Phase Three, which should provide the City with capacity for the next fifty years, dependent on the level of usage into the future as major projects take place in the region.

As part of that timeline he reviewed the costs of the various aspects of the project up until 2018, with the potential total cost of all aspects of development to be at around 9.5 million dollars.

He also observed as to the need for Council to consider a review of landfill rates for residents vs non residents and demolition rates, as well as seeking out cost reductions at the landfill site through more recycling options in the community.

The presentation provided for the opportunity of Council members to return to some of their more familiar themes of recent sessions when it comes to the landfill site.

Councillor Garon outlined her past concerns over how much material that should not be there, is making its way into the landfill site. Suggesting that the city needs to develop a better method of diverting those items to other solutions.

Councillor Cunningham also took to the theme of recycling and inquired as to whether the city should consider installing an incinerator at the land fill site to dispose of burnable material.

Councillor Thorkelson also called attention to the dangers that some of the material arriving at the landfill site may provide for city workers and observed as to the increasing level of renovations in the community and how that may impact on the landfill site.

Councillor Ashley recounted some past conversations on issues related to the Garbage bylaws and suggested that Council seek out some information on how those past recommendations have been
acted upon.

At the end of the discussion, Council voted to adopt the motion that would see the 1.5 million dollars used from the Gas Tax Fund to address the immediate issues of concern.

That portion of Council's work on the landfill discussion can be found on our City Council Timeline and through the City's Video Archive.  The conversation and review of the landfill topic starts at the 1 hour 45 minute mark and continued on through to the 2 hour three minute mark.

In  a related issue to the landfill site, Council also heard of the need to provide for an overpayment on the current development contract in place at the landfill site.

Mr. Pucci once again provided the overview of the un-anticipated situation of further development issues related to Phases 1 and 2 of the site that are required and how that has impacted on the need to approve the overpayment request.

He advised that after discussions with the Finance Department it was recommended that the City use the landfill closure account to cover the cost of the overage.

That overview is also available on our City Council Timeline feature, for a more expansive review of the discussion see the City Council Video Archive, that discussion runs from the 2 hour 3 minute mark until the 2 hour 7 minute mark.

For more items of note about developments at City Council see our archive page.

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