Monday, August 11, 2014

Nomination time for Civic Recognition Awards

Do you have someone in mind in our community that has made a contribution to life in Prince Rupert and is deserving of our appreciation?

If so, the time is here to submit some names and seek recognition for those that devote of their time to the community.

Through the month of August, the City of Prince Rupert is looking for names of those that have stood out in the community,  making a difference in the Community through their actions or contribution to good citizenship.

And to help salute those that have stepped out to make Prince Rupert a better place, the application period for a number of Civic Awards is now open.

There are seven different levels of recognition for those making nominations to consider, ranging from the Freedom of the City the highest of honours that the City can bestow on an individual, to other awards of recognition to reflect the contribution of those who give to the community. The awarding of the Freedom of the City is one of the rarest of honours and the most difficult of the awards to qualify for through the process.

The six remaining awards are more commonly awarded and follow a fairly strict guideline process for those that are to be considered, those awards include

Civic Merit Award

Civic Appreciation Award

Certificate of Appreciation

Appreciation Pin

Achievement Award

Sgt. William Booth Award for Valour

A full review of each award and the criteria for consideration can be found here.

Application Forms for each award category can be found here.

Residents of the city that may have someone in mind for recognition are asked to review each award category carefully to ensure that the person they wish to recommend fits the qualifications for the award to be considered.

Nominations must be provided on the official forms found from the link above, the deadline for nominations is 4 PM on August 25th.

A thumbnail guide regarding the Civic Recognition Award program can be found here.

Those that are selected for recognition will receive their awards on September 30th at a special Awards Ceremony at City Hall.

Council discussed the Awards Program at their July 28th Council session, you can review that conversation from the City's Video Archive it takes place at the 1 hour twenty two minute mark of the night's work.

For more items on events from Prince Rupert City Hall see our archive page.

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