Monday, August 4, 2014

Airport Ferry launches revised schedule

With the shift in focus for the Hawkair flights to and from Vancouver comes the need for an adjustment to the Digby Island Ferry schedule, with changes to the schedule going into effect today.

The first ferry of the day will leave Fairview at 6:40 in the morning, Monday through Friday, with sailings starting the day on Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 AM.

The final trip of the day leaves the Digby Island Ferry Dock  at 8:15 PM arriving at Fairview at 8:35 PM, Monday through Sunday.

As always, those looking for information on day to day items of note on the Ferry transportation to and from the Prince Rupert Airport, can access daily updates through the Airport bus phone message line at 250-622-2222.

The notice of change to the schedule was posted to the city's website on Friday.

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