Friday, August 12, 2016

Cow Bay Gift Galley has a Whale of an idea!

Thar she blows! 
The Cow Bay Gift Galley
has gifted some unique benches
to the City of Prince Rupert
(photo from Cow Bay Gift
Galley Facebook page

There have been a number of whale spottings in the Cow Bay area the last few days, and none of them were directed at the waters of Prince Rupert harbour.

The Cow Bay Gift Galley is celebrating its 25th year of business in the Cow Bay district and once again owner Glen Saunders has shown his community spirit, purchasing a number of Whale Tail themed benches for placement around the city.

The impressive looking Whale tail benches which were designed by Jeff King were created in Vancouver and shipped to the North Coast with Bandstra Transportation.

Yesterday workers from RONA and City work crews began the process of anchoring them in place, with the first of the group travelling through the city's streets from the RONA yard in Cow Bay and delivered to Mariner's Park.

Two more will be put in place around the city in the weeks to come. Making for another conversation topic that will surely become the theme of many a photo from visitors to the city.

The Cow Bay Gift Galley Facebook page features a number of photos of the unique benches and the work of yesterday to put them in place.

Residents and visitors can now take a load off their
feet with some new benches being installed around the city
(photo from Cow Bay Gift Galley Facebook page)

More notes on tourism initiatives on the North Coast can be found on our archive page.

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