Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Udderfest! Prince Rupert's Mid Summer festival of mirth, music and more launches tonight

UdderFest, turns eighteen this weekend, the popular theatre festival that showcases the North Coast's theatre and musical community launches four days of events tonight with something for everyone taking place at Prince Rupert's Tom Rooney Playhouse.

This week's line up brings a number of the city's familiar theatre personalities together with three highlight presentations, an improv showdown, as well as the popular Kids Camp Review for Saturday.

Music will bring in the 2016 edition of the festival with the Orchestra North Summer Program making Prince Rupert their first stop, with a concert presentation starting at 6:30 Wednesday night at the Tom Rooney Playhouse. Learn more about the program and their summer travels here.

The festival stage presentations also launch Wednesday, featuring one last opportunity for North Coast residents to take in the local production of Stones in His Pockets, the two man show features Michael Gurney and Lucas Anders exploring life in a small village in Ireland sudden over run by a Hollywood film production .

Their Udderfest performance is also serving as one final run through for the duo as they prepare to take their presentation to Edmonton and that city's highly acclaimed Fringe Festival.

You can track their progress towards Edmonton from the Facebook page created for the performance.

Rudy Kelly and Chris Armstrong bring What Is? to the stage, exploring themes of love through song, improv work and scripted performance.

Improvisation skills will also make up much of the week's events as the Harbour Theatre community thinks quick on their feet  in Hook, Line and Snicker.

Saturday wraps up with a showdown of media personalities in the city, as Lucas Anders challenges Shannon Lough in a Celebrity Round of War of the Wits. That is followed by other members of Harbour Theatre taking to the stage to battle each other, with the audience holding the final vote on the fate of the night's participants.

Unless noted, all performances require ticket admission, or the purchase of a Tournament pass. Individual advance tickets are available at Homework for 10 dollars, Tournament Pass for 15.00.

Tickets are also available at the door at showtime

Wednesday, August 3

Orchestra North Wind Academy Concert -- 6:30 PM (Admission by donation)

Stones in His Pockets -- 8 PM

Thursday, August 4

What is? -- 7:30 PM

Friday, August 5

Stones in His Pockets -- 7 PM

What Is?  -- 9 PM

Hook, Line and Snicker -- 10:15 PM

Saturday, August 6

Tangled Tales from the Kids Camp  -- 1 PM and 3 PM (Admission by Donation)

What Is? -- 7 PM

Hook Line and Snicker -- 8:30 PM

War of the Wits -- 10 PM

You can learn more about Harbour Theatre's work in the community from a page created for the Group on Facebook.

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