Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Sabbatical time once again

The Dog Days of Summer have arrived and the only solution to the condition is to take it to the highway!

It's  time for the annual summer break, so we'll be shutting down the new content for the blog through the rest of August, with plans to return to our efforts in a couple of weeks or so.

With our sabbatical, our regular review of Council issues and updates for many of our other features that require attention on an ongoing basis will be in hibernation for that period.  

We'll play a bit of catch up upon our return, filling in the gaps as best we can.

Feel free to wander through the various topics listed on the right hand column, you may find some items of interest that you may have missed when they first came out.

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to take some time to explore our political blog Darcy McGee, which follows federal and provincial politics.

1 comment:

  1. Love your work. Will miss you terribly. Have a wonderful break.