Thursday, August 11, 2016

Prince Rupert Unemployment Action Centre seeks letter of support from Council in funding quest

The work load is on the rise at
Prince Rupert's Unemployed Action
Centre on Fraser Street
The number of requests for help at the Prince Rupert Unemployment Action Centre continue to increase at the Fisherman's Hall offices on Fraser Street, where the organization advocates for the unemployed and underemployed on the North Coast.

With those number on the rise, the local group is seeking to secure additional funding for the Action Centre and the work that it does in the community and towards that goal, they are looking to the City of Prince Rupert to provide a letter of reference to support their application for funding.

In a letter to the Mayor and Council from late July, the organization provided some background as to their funding request and where they hope to allocate any funding that they may be able to secure.

The Unemployment Action Centre notes for Council how their work load has increased significantly over the last three years and how if successful in receiving additional funds they will be seeking the services of a second advocate to take some of the load off of the current employee.

Through that additional hiring, a form of succession planning will be put in motion, with the current advocate set for retirement within the next two years.

All they are seeking from the City is the letter of support, providing some perspective from the city's point of view of the work that the Unemployment Action Centre performs in the community.

Council will have opportunity to discuss the request at their next City Council Session scheduled for August 22nd.

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