Thursday, August 4, 2016

MP and MLA hosting Community BBQ today

It's time for the Annual Cullen/Rice
Community BBQ at Mariner's Park
A chance to catch up with two local politicians is available today as MP Nathan Cullen and MLA Jennifer Rice host their annual Community BBQ at Prince Rupert's Mariner's Park.

It offers up an opportunity for North Coast residents to learn more about Mr. Cullen's work on reforming the Canadian electoral system, a project he has been involved with for much of the summer.

On the provincial side, the public can ask questions of the North Coast MLA about the recent summer session at Legislature and what plans the NDP have for the fall and heading into next year's provincial election.

The event being held in support of North Coast Community Services takes place from 11:30 to 1:30 PM.

Burgers and hotdogs will be on the grill available by donation towards the work of the NCCS.

Notes on today's BBQ can be found on the Facbeook page created for the event.

With both politicians active on Social media, Updates most likely will be found through the day through their various platforms.

Nathan Cullen Facebook
Nathan Cullen Twitter
Jennifer Rice Facebook
Jennifer Rice Twitter

More background on their work in Ottawa and Victoria can be found below.

From the Legislature
From the House of Commons

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