Friday, September 20, 2013

Never mind gold, gas or oil, the money it seems may be in gravel...

While many on the North Coast focus their gaze on the potential of a natural gas bonanza for the region, or the always tantalizing prospect of prospecting for minerals, one company is highlighting the opportunities available in gravel.

The commodity that perhaps will be in the most demand should the economic boom times arrive as many suggest.

Highbank Resources Corporation sent out a twitter note on Friday, providing a link to their review of the potential for the Northwest, a location that it seems is going to have a healthy impact on their company moving into the future.

Among the highlights for Highbank, the prospect of development the expansion of projects for the Port of Prince Rupert, the much discussed prospect of Canpotex, the Watson Island redevelopment site and the ongoing expansion of Ridley Terminals, as well as future plans for LNG development at Grassy Bay.

All projects that seemingly will require a huge demand on their primary occupation in the region.

You can review their presentation below, which showcases their corporate presentation on the path ahead.


It makes for an interesting review of secondary industries that will have an impact on any development of the Northwest and how far beyond the shine of the big projects, the smaller scale and secondary ones may make their mark from all the talk of development.

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