Friday, September 27, 2013

Two on senior City Staff pass their auditions

The staffing levels at the senior level for the City of Prince Rupert are two thirds complete, that with word that two senior members recently passed their probation periods and will continue on with their duties.

The successful navigation of the probationary period for City Manager Robert Long and Chief Financial Officer Corinne Bomben was announced at the City Council session of September 9th, the pair confirmed to their posts during the closed session of Council earlier in the day.

With the announcement that Mr. Long and Ms. Bomben are now in good standing in their positions, the only position left to fill at the senior staff level is that of the Corporate Administrator, that position became open when Robert Grodecki left the city's employ in May.

Council thus far has provided no update on how that job search has gone, or whether they have a candidate in mind to bring the senior staff levels back up to full strength.

We outlined the delivery of the twin staffing announcements on our Council Timeline for September 9th.

The review of the successful probationary period can be found on the City's video archive, the news of their permanent status announced at the 48 minute mark to 50 minute mark.

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