Tuesday, September 17, 2013

UBCM Talking Points 2013

Our ongoing archive of any developments from this year's UBCM gathering in Vancouver, September 16-20, 2013.

September 25-- The good, the bad and the ugly
September 25-- Warnings useless if nobody hears it
September 20-- Massey Tunnel to be replaced by bridge
September 20-- Bridge to replace George Massey Tunnel
September 20-- B. C. to replace Massey Tunnel with new bridge, Premier Christ Clark announces
September 20-- New Bridge will replace Massey Tunnel in Metro Vancouver, Clark declares
September 20-- Bridge to replace George Massey Tunnel, says Premier
September 20-- Aging Massey Tunnel to be replaced by bridge
September 20-- Deceased northwest municipal councillor remembered by Premier Christy Clark
September 20-- Premier rejects UBCM call to reopen Riverview
September 20-- Port Edward proof of LNG"s potential impact, Premier tells UBCM
September 20-- Prince George RCMP building lauded at UBCM conference
September 20-- B. C. pulling ahead on LNG, Clark says
September 20-- UBCM backs Penticton's photo radar resolution
September 20-- B. C. Government's concept video for new bridge to replace George Massey Tunnel
September 20-- New bridge will replace Massey Tunnel, Premier Clark says
September 20-- UBCM rejects lower default speed limit
September 20-- LNG money won't stop ferry route cuts
September 20-- Port Edward proof of LNG's potential impact, Premier tells UBCM
September 20-- Municipal politicians mull one more year
September 20-- Local politicians support four-year terms
September 20-- B. C. Premier meets with northern leaders about LNG revenue - sharing deal
September 19-- Four Year Terms for Municipal Government?
September 19-- UBCM passes motion to crack down on noise pollution
September 19-- Vancouver gets support from UBCM for creating campaign finance rules
September 19-- UBCM demands more time in recycling dispute
September 19-- Adrian Dix takes aim at B. C. Liberals during UBCM speech
September 19-- Colwood scores two awards at this week's UBCM in Vancouver
September 19-- Report proposed 'infrastructure' bank
September 19-- UBCM can't stomach genetically engineered foods
September 19-- Alberni backs bomber talks at UBCM
September 18-- Stephen Lewis targets climate change during UBCM keynote address
September 18-- Boom towns could tax resources: B. C. municipalities
September 18-- UBCM calls on Province for revenue sharing
September 18-- UBCM Gov Finances (video)
September 18-- Terrace discusses Arts and Culture at Municipal Convention
September 17-- Engineering Program Drumming up Support at UBCM (video)
September 17-- Farming is vital to the health of cities, UBCM delegates told
September 17-- Mayors cite recycling plan's flaws
September 17-- Mayors warn feds of medical pot mayhem ahead
September 16-- UBCM shows shrinking, but stronger resolve
September 16-- UBCM to debate search-and-rescue squad funding
September 16-- Costs of recycling shakeup under fire at UBCM
September 16-- UBCM workshop highlights need for co-operation between First Nations, municipalities
September 16-- Small business has role in municipal finance reform
September 15-- Is the UBCM conference worth it for taxpayers?
September 14-- Recycling costs expected to be hot topic a municipal leaders' gathering
September 13-- License scooters, stop the llamas
September 12--  UBCM: B. C.'s cities and towns are compiling a wish list, and some of it's wishful thinking indeed
September 11-- Islanders to lobby politicians at UBCM
September 10-- UBCM to Discuss Report on Financing Local Infrastructure

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