Monday, September 16, 2013

Port Authority creates forum to initiate dialogue on opportunity

"In order to operate and develop a world-class port complex in Prince Rupert, the thoughts, opinions, and concerns of residents need to be discussed in an open and transparent fashion. By establishing this forum, it is our hope to further engage with the community and create a new channel for public discourse that will help shape our shared future." -- Don Krusel, President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority, outlining the genesis of a proposed Community Information Forum on Port related developments.

Conversation and some dialogue is on the mind of the Prince Rupert Port Authority, as the Port introduces its plan to create a Community Information Forum, providing the opportunity for local residents to discuss and examine port operations and developments.

The details of the proposed forum were revealed in a New Release on Friday, providing some background on how the Port envisions how the forum will work.

The basic structure of the forum will be that of a working group of stakeholders reflecting diverse viewpoints and experience within the Prince Rupert area.

Those selected for participation will have the opportunity to learn about various activities related to the Port of Prince Rupert and provide input on any issues of concern.

Members of the forum, to number no more than 20 participants, will be determined by the Port Authority, they will meet on  a regular basis, discussing a wide range of Port related topics.

Membership in the panel will be voluntary, with participants serving a two year term.

Forum Meetings will be open to the General public, who will be welcomed to observe the proceedings in a "listening role" and then will be asked to submit comments and questions on various topics of discussion in writing, which the registered members would then share and consider those concerns and comments.

That listening role model, may provide for a bit of push back from the larger community outside of the selected participants in the Forum process, especially from those that frequently cast a suspicious eye at any announcements, or proposed developments from the Port Authority.

For those looking to become involved in the process, the Port Authority has more details on their website, outlining the parameters of involvement and details on how you can become involved in the Community Information Process.

The Deadline for application is September 30th, 2013.

N View -- September 18-- Prince Rupert Port Authority launches public forums

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