Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A light on the Watson Island horizon?

There could soon be some good news finally leeching out of Watson Island, as it would appear that the City of Prince Rupert has found success at the court house on the ongoing battle with Sun Wave, gaining a positive outcome from the courts on Sun Wave's quest for a Certificate of Pending Litigation.

On Tuesday evening, an enterprising citizen journalist provided a very thorough review of the judgment in favour of the City, posting his thoughts and a link to the Courthouse documents to the local chat forum hackingthemainframe, that may offer the city's long suffering residents some hope that the long Watson story may soon be at an end.

His analysis, helps the casual observer to read between the legal mumble jumble, delivering to us the bottom line, that one legal problem seems to have been settled at least.

Though as we are cautioned in his forum posting, there will still be some financial matters that the City seemingly will have to settle with Sun Wave.

Still, the denial of the Certificate of Pending Litigation at least removes that legal stumbling block to the never ending saga and would suggest that things will be moving forward, hopefully with much speed.

Still to be heard is what impact that the Court decision will have on the development plans for Watson Island, a consortium known as Watco (Watson Island Development Corporation) has an ambitious redevelopment plan for the site, which would include a much needed environmental remediation project, which has been delayed for far too long.

Hopefully, the City which exerts much caution when it comes to discussing Sun Wave and Watson Island, will share some of the details on the latest developments with the populace.

Providing us with a timeline as to where things are and when, at long last we may be clear of the financial drain that Watson Island has become over the years.

Media updates on the Watson Island developments can be found below, a full review of the Watson Island file can be found in our archives.

Northern View-- Supreme Court lifts CPLs from Watson Island, allowing the City of Prince Rupert to sell the land
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