Friday, December 21, 2012

Small "Idle No More" Protest at Court House

Prince Rupert, like many communities across Canada today played host to a gathering designed to create awareness of concerns over the Conservative government's omnibus budget legislation Bill C-45,   and in particular its inclusion of Aboriginal issues, the legislation was recently passed by the Senate and will most likely become law in the New Year.

The small gathering of local citizens took to the Provincial Courthouse lawn on Friday afternoon, braving a cold wind to listen to speeches, express their concerns over the Federal Governments legislation and wave signs proclaiming the need to defend Democracy.

By the usual standards of past protests in the city, the Friday gathering was on the small side, holding mainly close to the sidewalk on McBride through the mid afternoon period of 2 PM on until just after 3.

The Idle No More theme has been building over the last few weeks, mainly through websites and social media, with larger protests across the country planned for today, some of which were more effective than others.

Among the listing of protest activities were such things a blockades in Alberta of  a road leading to the Alberta oilsands and a march at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, as well as other gatherings in large cities across the country.

One of the events of today, a rolling protest at the Winnipeg airport probably detracted from their cause, owing to the inconvenience that they provided for travellers on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

In Saskatoon, protestors took a page from the Occupy movement, as they made their case at a city shopping centre, where over 2,000 protestors in flash mob form, held hands and danced to the beat of drums and First Nations singing, all amidst the throng of Christmas shoppers.

The theme for the day was awareness and whether in a larger gathering or a small one, the message of concern over the Conservatives legislation was heard from coast to coast to coast.

Among the concerns over that legislation is the impression that it clears the way for development of traditional land without consultation of Aboriginal residents and weakens environmental protection in Canada. First Nations groups say that they were not properly consulted regarding the legislation, adding the Bill to the growing file of concerns that they have with the Federal Government.

The Prince Rupert protest was one of a number in Northwest BC, CFTK had details of the Idle No More gatherings from Prince Rupert to Burns Lake.

Further reports and background on the cross Canada Idle No More protests of Friday, can be found below.

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