Monday, December 31, 2012

The BC Jobs Fair roadmap seemingly ends at Terrace

Once again, when it comes to the provincial government offering up some of its BC Jobs Plan for residents of the Northwest, the pavement seems to end in Terrace.

We previously wondered aloud about the BC Jobs Fair itinerary back when the BC Jobs Fair first made its road trip west of Prince George in November, a trek that brought the travelling Jobs Fair to Burns Lake and Terrace.

Now we just have to wonder if the province thinks that Prince Rupert is so awash in employment opportunity, that a Jobs Fair roadshow just isn't required here.

Or maybe, they just don't have an up to date road map in Victoria, one that shows that Highway 16 is paved now, normally cleared of snow and makes it all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

The Province has announced a second wave of travelling Jobs Fairs for 2013 and Terrace will once again play host to a visit on the 22 community tour, with the caravan arriving on March 21st, just one stop in the tour of the province that will cost about 500,000 dollars in total.

It marks the second time that the Jobs Fair has called in that community in the last  months. This time Smithers will also be a featured community on the next listing of destinations, playing host to the Job Fair on March 19th.

The BC Jobs Fairs are actually quite impressive things, they match up job seekers with potential employers and/or educational institutions to better their job prospects. Those that attended the Terrace and Burns Lakes sessions in November had nothing but good things to say about the stop there.

Burns Lake Jobs Fair
Terrace Jobs Fair 1
Terrace Jobs Fair 2

However, for residents and would be information seekers of Prince Rupert and Port Edward, it would appear that it's time once again to gas up the car, hop the Greyhound, or figure out the VIA schedule and head east.

The omission of such communities as Prince Rupert (really, twice in Terrace??) could provide a cynic with cause to think, that with a provincial election in the offing for May, the Liberal government is scheduling these job fairs in riding's where they think perhaps electoral success might be found.

It's too bad the Legislature has been shuttered over the fall and winter, as it might be an interesting question to pose to the government representatives in the Leg, just why their Jobs for BC Jobs Fair program seems to keep skipping the region with one of the highest of unemployment rates.

Come to think of it, closed or open, that's a question that maybe our MLA (and his potential political heirs), not to mention Mayor and City Council may wish to ask of the provincial government.

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