Monday, December 31, 2012

Idle No More Movement continues with protests across Northwest

The last weekend of 2013 saw flash mob protests from the Idle No More movement take place across the Northwest.

Tied into other protests in other parts of Canada, the Northwest versions centred on shopping malls in both Terrace and Prince Rupert, where drummers and marchers chanted and spoke out on their opposition to the Federal Governments Bill C-45, which has spawned many protests among First Nations residents and others, since it was introduced in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

The Northwest protests began on Friday in Terrace, where a crowd, mainly organized through social media like facebook and twitter gathered at the Skeena Mall, the protest in Terrace lasted an hour or so, as participants travelled through the mall in a large number to lend their support to the Idle No More efforts.

The Terrace Standard offered up this review of Friday's protest,  while CFTK had reports here and here  and here (video) on the Terrace event.

Social media also had some offerings, providing some review of events of the day. A few of the tweets on Twitter from the Terrace protest can be found here and here.

Sunday saw the protest move to Prince Rupert, where again, drummers and other participants gathered at the Royal Bank entrance to the Mall at 2 PM, before proceeding through the Mall's upper and lower entrances.

Sunday's protest march had reports of somewhere towards 200-300 participants at its peak, as protesters mixed with post holiday shoppers to the mall. Sunday's turnout was significantly larger than the last Idle No More protest held in the city back on December 21st.

The Northern View had this report on the Sunday protest, and social media, which has been used extensively in Prince Rupert as well to organize the events, once again provided a window into the Sunday protest, with tweets from some of those in attendance.

Both outgoing MLA Gary Coons and Joanna Larson, who is seeking the NDP candidacy on the North Coast took part in the protest at the Rupert Square and then offered up their submissions to social media.

The impressions of the Prince Rupert protests, from a range of views can be found here, herehere and here.

Below we have some background on the cross country Idle More Protests, offering up a variety of opinion on the protests that have taken place, covering the spectrum of discussion on the topic.

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