Monday, December 31, 2012

Rumbles to the south, rumbles to the north

The seismic plates shifted again, all be it subtly over the weekend as a pair of temblors rattled across the North Pacific fault lines.

The first one a 3.9 shudder off the coast of Vancouver Island about 263 km southwest of Tofino, it took place at just after 6 PM on Sunday evening, small in nature it did not cause much in the way of disruption to anyone on Vancouver Island.

The second noticeable tremor took place at 3:30 in the morning, a 3.9 temblor on the Alaska-Yukon border area, which again did not cause any damage, but perhaps rattled a few nerves in the early morning hours.

The pair of low key tremors, just a reminder of the always active nature of the fault lines in the region. They are latest of such events, framed within the scope of the large earthquake on Haida Gwaii back in October.

Our archive of seismic events can be found here.

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