Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Smithers solution for Highway of Tears fears?

If the City of Smithers can sway other communities along the Highway 16 corridor, the need for hitch hiking between isolated communities on the Highway may soon come to an end.

As part of the answer to the mysterious disappearances  of women over the years on the aptly named Highway of Tears, Smithers has suggested a Shuttle service that would provide an alternative to those who currently use hitch hiking as their mode of transportation.

Smithers will present their proposal to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities at the annual convention to be held later this month.

Few details have been released yet, as to the actual procedure to be put in place to introduce such a service to the Highway corridor, the proposal at the moment seems more of call for support and discussion than an actual blue print.

The consensus however thus far would seem to be that the provision of such a shuttle service would greatly enhance the security of those that travel from town to town along the highway.

The ongoing investigations into the numerous disappearances continue forward, however there has, as of yet been few leads made public, has nor much information as to the progress of those investigations been released.

Beyond the ongoing police investigations, the North District RCMP and the University of Northern British Columbia have combined forces to study further the reasons behind understand just why Northern BC residents hitch hike, an activity that continues on despite the fears of a predator or predators who travel that same road.

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The prospect of the shuttle service gained a boost at the recent UBCM meetings in Victoria, details of which can be found below.

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