Saturday, September 1, 2012

Industrial Development-- The Forestry Industry

Our archive of items of note on developments in the Forestry sector in the Northwest


October 29-- John Rustad to meet with Houston constituents (audio)
October 28-- Union Reps to Meet with West Fraser Timber to Find Placement for HFP Workers
October 28-- Houston Mill Update (video)
October 28-- Cullen says he will do what he can for Houston after mill closure
October 25-- Mills closed
October 25-- Houston Mill closure, Huge Blow - Cullen
October 25-- Bond reacts to mill closures
October 25-- Forests Minister Says Mill Closures No Surprise
October 25-- Union reps and Government takes action on mill closure (video)
October 25-- Government reacts to Mill Closures
October 25-- Sawmills set to close in B. C. Interior (audio)
October 24-- Canfor - West Fraser Deal Means Mill Closures
October 24-- Houston Mill Closure (video)
October 24-- West Fraser Announces closure of Houston Forest Products Mill
October 24-- West Fraser to shutter Houston Mill, Affecting 225 workers
October 24-- Canfor and West Fraser Closing Mills in the Region
October 23-- Terrace Forestry company renews efforts

September 25-- Prince Rupert's role in B. C.'s forest industry
September 20-- Takla Lake Man Sets Up Blockade to Halt Canfor Logging
July 11-- Kitwanga Mill Logs (video)

June 10-- CN's Northern BC export advantage NCR

April 17-- Terrace log yard activity hangs in the balance
April 12-- A forest industry revival for Prince Rupert? NCR
April 12-- Log contractors in Terrace still claim They Were Never Paid by Chinese Company
April 5-- Clark Talks Trees (video)
April 5-- Babine Update (video)
April 5-- Bell honoured by COFI (video)
April 5-- Clark has COFI Delegates on their feet
April 5-- Clark Announces more marketing money for BC Wood
April 5-- Barking up the wrong tree
April 5-- Tory minister touts forestry research, development
April 5-- Labour Shortage Remains Number One Challenge for Forestry
April 5-- Advice to Forestry... Beware the Super Cycle
April 4-- Conference enjoys lumber resurgence
April 4-- UNBC prof helped crack beetle code
April 4-- Beetles on the march
April 4-- Strengthening a Culture of Safety in Forestry
April 4-- MPB Infestation Winding Down, Slowly
April 4-- Thomson Commits Cash to Help Address Labour Challenges in Pulp and Paper Sector
April 4-- NDP Considering Rustad Trades Training Proposal
April 4-- COFI Convention Ready to Roll
April 4-- Oliver Outlines Funds for Market Expansion and Industry Transformation
April 4-- BC Opposition Leader speaks to Council of Forest Industries (video)
April 4-- Natural Resources Minister Makes $30 Million Announcement (video)
April 4-- Natural Resources Minister at Council of Forest Industries (video)
April 4-- Steve Thomson Announces $126,000 Funding Contribution (video)
April 4-- Adrian Dix at COFI
April 4-- Nature of Things presents pine beetle (audio)
April 4-- Forest Industry looks to 'super cycle' (audio)
April 3-- Conference Signals Forestry Return (video)
April 3-- COFI Underway Tomorrow
April 3-- Conference Benefits Local Business (video)
April 3-- Talks continue to re-open Terrace log yard
April 3-- Stage Set for Return of COFI Conference

March 27-- Contractors call foul at local (Terrace) log yard
March 27-- Terrace Log Contractors speak out against Chinese company
March 27-- Terrace business files industrial lawsuit
March 22-- Lakeland Back
March 13-- Managing the forests: consultant seeks input
February 26-- Terrace log yard activity increases
February 26-- City shelves enviro study
February 14-- City of Terrace inks deal with Chinese wood processing company


November 5-- Sawmill open for business

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